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Minimal Asset Process (MAP)

Minimum Asset Process

Minimal Asset Process (MAP)

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What Is A Minimal Asset Process/MAP Bankruptcy?

Available only to residents of Scotland, Minimal Asset Process or MAP Bankruptcy is a type of debt solution that is designed for individuals who are struggling to pay their debt in reasonable time and may need portions of it written off. Those who normally opt for MAP have a low income and few assets.


The Minimal Asset Process tends to be easier and cheaper than sequestration, the Scottish equivalent of bankruptcy.

MAP last for 6 months, it doesn’t require any monthly payments and it can only be set up through an approved Money Advisor.

Do I Qualify for A Minimal Asset Process (MAP)?

To qualify for a Minimal Asset Process, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have debt between £1,500 and £17,000

  • Be a resident of Scotland

  • Not be a homeowner

  • Have assets with a value of no more than £2,000, with no single item being worth more than £1,000

  • Own a car with a value of no more than £3,000

  • Not have a previous sequestration within the previous 5 years

  • You should have a low income that covers your essential living costs, but leaves you with no more money or have an income made solely of income-based benefits e.g. Jobseekers/employment support allowance.

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What Fees Are There for an Minimal Asser Process?

  • When you apply for a Minimal Asset Process (MAP), there is a fee of £90. This fee is payable to the Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) and must be made in order for the application to be processed.

  • There are plenty of charities that can help you through this process without adding any further fees, but bear in mind that some companies may add their own fees on top.

How Do I Apply for a Minimal Asset Process?

  • To apply for a Minimal Asset Process (MAP), you will need to contact an approved Money Advisor, however, the process is simple:

  • Using the Common Financial Tool, they will look at your income and outgoings and calculate whether you could pay back your debts in a reasonable timeframe.

  • You will need to pay the £90 fee.

  • Your Trustee will notify your lenders that you have entered into a MAP and that you can stop paying towards your debt

  • The MAP will last 6 months, at which point you will be discharged from it, and your debt will be written off.

  • You will then be put under a set of restrictions that will last a further 6 months.

  • If you gain any assets within a 4 year period of being discharged from the MAP, then the Trustee will be able to seize them and sell them to contribute towards your debt.

What Debt Can Be Included in a Minimal Asset Process?

You can include most unsecured debt in a Minimal Asset Process, such as:

The following debt will not be included:

What Are the Advantages of a Minimal Asset Process?

  • The £90 fee is much cheaper than a sequestration
  • You can include most types of unsecured debts
  • Once it has been approved, your lenders will no longer be able to chase you
  • It is a legally binding agreement, but you will not need to appear in court
  • You will be discharged after only 6 months
  • All debts included will be written off

What Are the Disadvantages of a Minimal Asset Process?

  • There is a possibility it could affect your job if you work within the financial sector
  • You will find it difficult to get credit for the next 6 years
  • If you rent privately, you may be refused a renewal of your contract. This could lead to you being evicted
  • Your bank may freeze your account or downgrade you to a basic account.
  • Your details will be entered on to the Accountant in Bankruptcy’s Insolvency Register, which is a public record.

Who Can Help Me With My Debt?

If you are considering a Minimal Asset Process, or if you find you don’t meet the criteria, then there could be an alternative solution. Contact us at TrustDeed4Me to find out more!

Minimal Asset Process FAQs

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